Our production capability


Soft Capsules

Our soft gelatin encapsulating machines can produce up to 15 million soft capsules per day. We can produce different capsule size from 5 to 22, and different shapes including oval, oblong, and even special fish shape for kids fish oil.

Hard Capsules

Our hard capsule encapsulating machines can produce up to 2.4 million hard capsules per day. We can produce both gelatin capsules and vegetarian capsules of various sizes and colours.


Our tableting machines can produce up to 8.1 million tablets per day. We can produce tablets of various sizes and shapes. We can also coat the tablets if required.

Cream & Liquid

We have mixing tanks from 500 litres to 2000 litres for making creams and liquids. We also have vacuum tanks for making products such as toothpastes.

Milk powder

Our raw milk was sourced daily from Australian qualified dairy farm. And send to our GMP factory using the modern wet blend technology to turn the liquid milk to powder form within 24 hours to reserve all the valuable nutrition of the liquid milk. Our machines can produce 5,000KG milk powder daily. We are able manufacture different kind of milk powder to suit your needs.

Powder form

We are specialized in manufacturing all kinds of powder such as Barley Grass powder, weight loss powders, protein powders .Our automated powder machines such as V-blender and filling lines, can produce more than 2,000KG powder daily. We can mix and fill the powder according to customer’s own formulation.

About Us

Contract Manufacturing Service (OEM)

Kirby Pharmaceuticals specialises in contract manufacturing of health supplements and skin care products of private labels for large and small companies. We manufacture for many companies in Australia and world-wide, including public-listed companies in America, China, international corporations in Taiwan, Singapore, and Malaysia, and franchised chains in Korea and Hong Kong. We always maintain strict confidentiality for our customers, and some of our customers even proudly print Kirby Pharmaceuticals on their products, as our products are associated with excellent quality.


Established in Australia in 1992, Kirby Pharmaceuticals is a multi-award winner. In 2012, Homart is also the winner of Australia National Award - Manufacturer Of The Year. Homart is a GMP manufacturer licensed by Australian Health Department (TGA), and we also hold a worldwide product insurance policy of AUD$10,000,000 as a guarantee of our product quality. Our Australian GMP Certificate, Insurance Cover Certificate and awards are available upon request.


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